Sarah Palin and the sexist foreign leaders

The Obama campaign and the major media have scoffed at Sarah Palin for having met no heads of foreign governments prior to this week, yet from this AP article asserting that the McCain campaign is running the State of Alaska these days, we hear from Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, who is giving some of Palin’s speeches, etc:

“I’m speaking several more times a week — like, for instance, I’m about to go meet the president of Iceland,” Parnell said.

Does this mean that Palin has never met Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson? Did he wait until Palin was out of town so that he could meet with the male lieutenant governor? Why aren’t Obama and his media allies condemning this blatant sexism from the government of Iceland?

I’m upset, and I think that I will tear up my draft card.

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