There is a McCain commercial in this.

John McCain and Sarah Palin need not wait until they are sworn in to begin ridding our national political scene of hypocrites. They can begin right here, right now.

Over at TNR, my friend Soren Dayton argues that the Lehman Brothers story will dominate the news this week, forcing Obama to talk specifics rather than push his ephemeral “change” message. Also, he posits, if McCain can deliver credible economic remarks, it will evaporate Axelrod’s argument that McCain admits that he knows nothing of the economy.

But I see a McCain commercial:

Barack Obama received $365,922 from employees of Lehman, while McCain received $115,800. Obama will not have that populist attack on McCain.

It is fodder for a juicy ad dealing with Obama, a hypocrite of the first order. I hope that Steve Schmidt has something in production.

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