McCain/Palin Casting for new voters

Even the Brits, whose politics are not ours, get it, as evidence by this post from London’s Daily Telegraph broadsheet.

On Friday night in Sterling Heights, Mr McCain’s selection of Mrs Palin appeared to have utterly transformed his campaign and made easier the task of converting Reagan Democrats to McCain Democrats.

Even some Canadians, like Dr. Salim Mansur, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario. He writes in the Edmonton Sun:

Similarly, McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate is a fine demonstration of an OODA loop decision messing up the Democrat’s campaign, built on the phony slogan for “change.” Palin strikes the near-perfect note of a “change” candidate headed for dysfunctional Washington, whose poster face is the six-term senator and capitol insider Biden.

Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. The OODA loop is of the military, used in decision-making when the situation is voluble. The decision to select Palin has energized the Republican base, brought the critical ground troops-volunteers on board for the final two months, increased donations, increased enthusiasm, and started to attract the Reagan Democrats, such as they are today. John McCain says that they are going to Washington without concern for “breaking the china,” and that is what many in small-town America want to hear. Obama said of small-town America that their bitterness compels them to rely on their instruments of force and their mythology. In contrast, John McCain and Sarah Palin offer them hope and a china-breaking change from the status quo. Hope and Change from McCain and Palin. Barry offers them only bitterness. Go figure.

The Reagan Democrats are not the only ones emerged by and attracted to McCain’s choice of Palin. From the British article linked above:

It had been assumed by many commentators that Mrs Palin could not win over those supporters of Hillary Clinton with whom she differs on abortion. But women waving Democrats for McCain posters were highly visible.

It is easy to underestimate just how much many women despise the glass ceiling. And mothers, women with families, can identify with Sarah Palin as one of them, albeit one with the requisite gifts which enable her to do what she’s doing.

From the Detroit Free Press comes this, writ after a Friday rally in Sterling Heights:

McCain and Palin were greeted at Metro Airport earlier in the afternoon by two Democrats, who said they’ll vote for McCain.

Norma Portwood-Stacer held a sign that said “Hillary Democrat for McCain Palin.”

She was visibly excited by the encounter, clutching her chest and bouncing up and down after a hug from McCain and Palin.

The other, Laurel Federbush of Ann Arbor, described herself as a left-wing independent who supported Dennis Kucinich for president during the primary season.

She said she liked McCain’s opposition to torture during interrogations on prisoners.

If Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are to defeat the powerful Axelord/Obama machine/juggernaut, the one which talks Hopechangehop e in Denver and bitterness in San Francisco, it is going to take all kinds of voters.

At least now, after his Palin pick, John McCain will have the peeps to offer them rides to the polling places if they need them.