Trashing Palin to get at McCain

The media’s almost bloodthirsty clubbing of Governor Sarah Palin is not so much about damaging her and removing the excitement she brings to the electorate as it is about trying to convince the voting public not to trust John McCain. (Even if some do not know this, they are doing this at David Axelrod’s cue.)

But with the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, McCain’s judgment and decision-making have been called into question with each new piece of information the public learns about the Alaska governor, who is expected to address the Republican convention Wednesday night.

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Yakk, Yakk, Yakk. Bellyache, bellyache, bellyache, bellyache.

The media’s/Axelrod’s actions are already running contrary to their purpose. If McCain selected Palin in part because she would excite the party’s base, she’s doing that even more so now that she is being attacked by the media. Remember, conservatives are used to having a grip with the media, and I’ll admit that the media often need not even give us an excuse. The media are a juicy target, so they might sometimes get struck unfairly. Not this time, though.

I’m glad that the media did not see fit to drag Joe Biden’s family so loudly through the mud. This would have been unfair to his son Hunter Biden, his daughter Ashley Biden, and to the entire Biden family. And the Biden material the media does report is neither personal nor petty, such as pregnant kids, twenty-year-old DWI’s, and fishing without a license.

Palin will give a good speech tonight and Axelrod will have to focus the media’s attention on whether or not John McCain caught cooties seated in a cell in Vietnam.

Sarah Palin and her family are being spuriously and very publically trashed because Axelrod wants to harm John McCain. It is precisely because Palin excites the Republican base that the media feel the need to scrape the bottom of the barrel. They might assert that they’re just doing their iconoclastic job, but it is the exact same thing and Axelrod trusts that they will do it.