The internecine series of hissy fits at MSNBC

UPDATE: More good MSNBC feud stuff from Jossip. And (via Michael Calderone), the WSJ’s Rebecca Dana thinks that this public/private war might be due to the absence of the late Tim Russert and the vacuum left in his place.

There is a third network for cable news, and they are… well, MSNBC. Sure, they’ve dropped the MS, and sometimes NBC must feel that way, but they’ve adopted the sportscaster Keefums Olbermann and his better shtick, and they’ve surrounded Keefums with a supporting cast befitting the man with half O’Reilly’s ratings.

They are having a series of spats at the third-rate[d] news network, heedless of Axelrod’s please for “unity.” Matthews and Keefums are having at it. Olbermann and Scarborough are getting nasty. Scarborough has launched into David Shuster. Matthews and Keefums have vented about Hillary’s old com director Howard Wolfson signing on with FOX, and Wolfson has struck back.

Jon Stewart, alas and at last, has put it all into perspective (via Michael Calderon):

Of course Stewart, once an MTV VeeJay, maintains that Obama would be a “far less imperious” President than is Bush. Does he know what the term means?