Barack Obama is on Al Gore's "Love Train"

I wrote it down contemporaneously, so now we can all remember together.

In 1999, the Democrats were ready to party like it was 1973. Saturday, September 25 of that year was the final day of the Democratic National Committee under National Chairman Joe Andrew and General Chairman (and Philadelphia Mayor) Ed Rendell. In the next year, they would nominate Al Gore to run for President wearing their imprimatur.

On the Sunday after that ill-fated plenary session, I wrote:

Al Gore’s people are idiots. As Gore walked to the podium at the DNC’s plenary session, they played a ’70s hit called “Love Train.” So there was Gore, shaking hands with all and sundry, while the speakers were blaring: “We’re on the love train, the love train.”

Al Gore went on to lose the election.

We’ll fast forward to this evening: Wednesday, August 27, 2008. The Democrats still want to party like it is 1973. After that woman, Senator Hillary Clinton, moved that the convention elevate their messianic fraud by acclimation, the speakers in the Pepsi (no Coke) Center blared Love Train, by The O’jays. Straight from 1973, via 1999.

If you want to read the lyrics of the song which unites Al Gore and Barack Obama, they are right here.

The only question left: If Barry called collect, would Naomi Wolf accept the charges? (They have nothing to lose but their chains. They have enourmous adulation and celebrity to win. Alpha dudes of the world, unite!)