More Dem "unity!" in Denver

I know, Barry has a lot of mentors. Well, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones is an erstwhile Obama mentor. (I think Barry let him keep the name tag, and he might have gotten a pocket watch.)

Jones referred to Hillary’s delegates as “Uncle Toms.”

From the Associated Press:

Chicago political consultant [and Hillary delegate] Delmarie Cobb says Jones made the remarks Saturday night while discussing her support for Clinton. She called the remark “fighting words” and unacceptable.

Jones, who also is black, said Monday that he never uttered the slur. He says he referred to Cobb and other Clinton supporters as “doubting Thomases.”

Cobb says she confronted Jones about it at the time, and Jones did not tell her that she’d mistake “doubting Thomases” for “Uncle Toms.”

I do not know who is telling the truth, and I don’t much care. I believe that the real solution, obviously, would be to join their fellow Dem delegates and have a good, American riot. (I’ll have to ask Blackhedd if they sell pop corn futures.)