Neil Kinnock endorses Joe Biden

Lord Neil Kinnock, the former boss of Britain’s Labour [sic] Party, has endorsed Obama’s selection of Joe Biden to be his running mate.

“He is a man of immense maturity and unmatched in the Senate, and probably much more widely, as an analyst and advocate in the foreign policy and defence [sic] policy areas.

This is significant… why? Oh, you remember.

In a 1987 speech to the Welsh Labour Party, the then Neil Kinnock asked why he was “the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to go up to University”.The Welshman’s emotive style must have struck a chord with the Biden camp, because three months later he made a strikingly similar claim and his campaign unravelled when aides to presidential rival Michael Dukakis handed a video tape splicing the two speeches together to reporters.Whole sentences from Lord Kinnock’s speech, as well as glaring similarities in syntax and ideas, seeped into Senator Biden’s stump speech.Senator Biden even copied references to the Welsh politician’s mining heritage in his speech, given at the Iowa State Fair on August 23, 1987.

See the above linked piece. The London Daily Telegraph rehashes examples for us. They also point out that at Syracuse University, Joe Biden ” had failed a course after being caught plagiarising other people’s work.”

It’s nice to know that this veep nominee designed to shore up the Obama ticket’s lack of foreign policy experience is still a figure of fun on foreign soil.