Why McCain will not pick Lieberman.

{* NOTE: I had not yet seen Erick’s piece regarding this on the front page. I support what he said.)

John McCain will not pick Joe Lieberman, a pro-abort senator from Connecticut, as his running mate. Lieberman, though a nice guy and a decent man, is a liberal who is realistic on terror and Iraq. Those are not per se conservative positions for Lieberman; rather, they are sane. Joe Lieberman is a sane liberal.

Joe Lieberman is a Democrat at heart. If it weren’t for Ned and his extremist puppeteers, Joe Lieberman would be a Democrat.

I think it a truism that a Republican cannot win the White House without the foot soldiers, the activists, in Evangelical movement. John McCain’s ice has thickened with the Evangelicals, I suspect, but it is still too thin to pull a stunt like this — and it would be a stunt — and hold on to these vital pieces to his campaign puzzle. Remember, McCain is going to need volunteers from and of the Evangelical movement. Rove and Mehlman can attest to this.

I don’t think it’ll be Joementum. McCain, as much as he likes the guy, has to know it would be a mistake. Steve Schmidt, if he is truly a disciple of Karl Rove, has probably been warning McCain of this.