Obama's veep: Michael Moore nominates Caroline Kennedy

I’ve obtained a copy of the e-mail sent by Michael Moore to his michaelmooore.com groupies in which he begs Caroline Kennedy, she of Barry’s veep search team, and asks her to “pull a Cheney” and select herself as Barry’s veep. (It’s also on his web site.)

The poor man is either drunk or goofy.

Here’s the text of Moore’s missive:

Dear Caroline,


Michael Moore
[email protected]

He excludes Bayh and Biden because they voted for the war, yet were they not hoodwinked by Karl Rove into believing that Saddam had WMD? He excludes Kaine because he’d never heard of the man, as if it matters in a veep selection. Who’d heard of the last two Dem veeps, Fritz and Gore?

Is Caroline Kennedy prepared to be President if…?

It is fruitless to shred Michael Moore; he does a fine job of this himself. I just wanted to share a joke. Scratch your head and move along. There’s nothing more to see hear.