A case to be made for Joe Biden as Obama's veep

It is difficult for me to recommend that Joe Biden be nominated to higher office, but I will. First, I’ll have to psyche myself for the task.

Over at the TIME Magazine’s web site, Mark Halperin quotes “one of the keenest observers of American politics (a/k/a: X)” about why Joe Biden would be a good veep choice for Obama.

In part:

“Biden may be a ridiculous, overbearing blowhard, and he’ll doubtless make foolish blunders and imprudent comments if he’s on the ticket, but he’d still be an excellent campaigner, surrogate, and debater. He’d be thrilled at the prospect of being vice president (his own aspirations aside), and grateful and proud to have been chosen–he’d work hard to make Obama look good, and not deliberately outshine him–plus the chemistry will be appealing, and they genuinely like and respect each other, which will be winningly apparent.”

This “one of the keenest observers” is not identified and could well be a product of Halperin’s healthy imagination, but I have a guess at whom it might be. The words remind me of someone.

Joe Biden’s an “overbearing blowhard” who will “doubtless make foolish blunders and imprudent comments.” Yep. There are people already collecting goofy Joe Biden jpegs and classic Joe Biden vid clips. Sean Hannity said on his television show last night that he had vid ready to go. Yes, if Joe Biden can check his ego, settle for being number two to an unqualified whippersnapper, I’m sure he would be “thrilled at the prospect of being vice-President.” (So would we, btw.) Perhaps Barry would give Joe Biden a powerful foreign policy portfolio so he could partition various places into unworkable but autonomous units. (The” Biden Plan” — A Truly Bad Idea — actually belongs to Leslie Gelb, CFR emeritus, who outlined it in the New York Times in November of 2003.)

Did I just digress?

Halperin’s “X” reminds us of another reason why Joe Biden would be accepted by the American people: “America is no longer a place where citizens care about plagiarism or hair plugs.” Well, perhaps don’t worry about hair plugs, but we still do not like liars seeking political office.

She further adds that Joe Biden would “reassure the nation that a grownup is involved.” Barry’s not a grownup? Obama has already seen fit to judge a Supreme Court justice’s intellectual ability as beneath his own. (If Obama’s comments had been spoken by a non-African American, the might well have been labeled racist, but I’m become as discursive as Barry the Nuance.)

I am convinced, and I agree with X. By all means, Axelrod, pick Joe Biden. Listen to X, as she knows of which she speaks.

She? I’m probably wrong, but X sounds like Susan Estrich to me. Does she have a sister?