Disappointment for Dems: Obama's veep pick won't be Daschle

From the Associated Press:

“I did give (them) documents a long time ago, but these matters have been resolved for a long time now as far as I’m concerned,” Daschle told The Associated Press in an interview.Daschle said he doesn’t know who Obama’s pick is, if it’s been decided or when it will be announced. He said he imagines the only person who knows is the person who has been chosen—and that’s not him.”Nope,” Daschle said when asked if there’s any chance he’ll be asked to join the ticket.

I thought there was a rank-and-file “Select Daschle” movement. Maybe not? Actually, I cannot recall this lobbyist-married-to-a-lobbyist’s name as a possibility for Obama.

Then again, Barry’s a little weird.