Did NBC News remove Russert for his office space? It is, after all, a rumor.

From the diaries by Erick.

Rumor has it that NBC News wanted to build a conference room where Tim Russert’s office once stood, so he was an “obstacle.”

Via Inside Cable News, we learn of this bit at drctv.com:

DCRTV hears: “Surprise. (NBC News President) Steve Capus cannot tell a lie. BS! Not that Russert’s passing hasn’t gotten enough coverage. Word at the NBC News campus is that that Tim Russert’s office – supposedly to be left intact – was demolished to make way for a new conference room. Word further confirms all the furniture in Tim’s office was busted up so that no one in the bureau could use it or sell it on Ebay – nor was is offered for donation to the Smithsonian or the Newseum. Strange! The new bureau chief, Mark Whittaker, is having the old conference room built-out as his new office.” That’s at the NBC DC news bureau at the Channel 4/WRC complex on Nebraska Avenue.

This has given birth to the rumor that Capus and Whittaker lusted for that conference room but Russert wouldn’t budge, so steps had to be taken. You get the picture.

There is no truth to the rumor — in fact, it is almost obscene — but it is every bit as plausible as the Andrea Mitchell-David Axelrod rumor concerning McCain cheating at Saddleback.