Kwame Kilpatrick wants to go to Denver

Mary Ann Akers of the WashPost’s The Sleuth blog tells us that not only is Detroit’s suspected-felon Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick a Dem superdelegate, but he also wants to lose his ankle bracelet so he can go to Denver with the rest of the Dem conventioneers.

Asked whether the mayor will be attending the Denver convention, Kilpatrick spokeswoman Denise Tolliver told the Sleuth, “We’re not sure yet.” She said the mayor was waiting to see what happens on Thursday, when he’s scheduled to be arraigned on felony charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, and on Friday, when he’s due to appear in court on separate assault charges.

“He would have to get permission from the judge” in order to travel to Denver, Tolliver said. “I know that is something [his attorneys] are working on now.”

I think he ought to go. Put him on the stage with the nominee.

Perhaps Mayor Kilpatrick and John Edwards can compare notes, and if they let Kilpatrick in, they ought to let Edwards attend.

Once again, I’m just sayin’.

(I stare across the aisle, folks, and this is what I see.)