Feingold says McCain's still a maverick

Senator Russ Feingold (D-Cheese) says he won’t vote for John McCain, but he does bolsters the Senator’s “maverick” meme, stripping some cred from Axelrod’s assertion that McCain is just another Bush Republican, “four more years of,” etc.

From the LAT’s Top of the Ticket blog:

Feingold, for his part, is a strong Barack Obama supporter — but one with a good feeling about his old legislative ally.

In a recent interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that gained attention, he did not hesitate to veer from his party’s line on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, scoffing at the contention that a McCain White House would simply represent a third term of the Bush administration.

Said Feingold: “The notion that somehow [McCain] is going to get in there and be some kind of ideological Newt Gingrich right-winger is a joke. There’s no way that he would do that.”

Feingold’s words will do McCain no good whatsoever with conservatives, but at least they put the lie to Axelrod’s “Third Term of Bush” line. And since Obama repeats Axelrod’s line like a good, little candidate, I call on Russ Feingold to publicly renounce his support for Obama, whom he has just called a liar.