Hey, man, I'm joining a religious cult... so you've gotta sign up too.

Trying to meet those pesky fundraising goals, Obama’s campaign boss David Plouffe (rhymes with “stuff”) is telling the flock of Obama-bots to open their wallets because John McCain says that they are naught but mindless Obama fans.

“While supporters like you are out knocking on doors, registering new voters, and organizing in your local communities, our opponents are not even trying to match your efforts. Instead, they’re spending millions to spread the smear that Barack is just a ‘celebrity’ and that our grassroots movement is just a bunch of mindless fans,” Plouffe wrote in the e-mail in what is one of his harshest assessments to date of McCain’s ‘Celebrity’ ad.

I think Plouffe (rhymes with “stuff”) has something there. I can hear the Obama-bots defiantly proclaim in unison: “We are not mindless fans! We will open our wallets to stop this smear! Our idolization of Barack the Beautimous is not because of his celebrity! We follow Obama because of his many policy… position… papers… items… things. He is dreamy.”

Seriously, how do we combat a mania centered on a charismatic individual? The obvious answer is that we point out that the idolatry is a mania centered on a charismatic individual, and this is being done. The media, in full denial, is calling foul, accusing McCain of a smear when he is actually warning voters to avoid the danger of a devotion to a substanceless dash of Hopechangehope.

The CNN ticker post linked above, though, draws some additional truth into this frightening scenario:

A steady fundraising clip is especially important for Obama, who earlier this summer backed off his onetime pledge to enter into public financing — and the spending caps that come with it — in the general election campaign.

Justifying his reversal on that pledge, Obama cited his vast donor list and said his campaign was fueled mainly by small contributions. Though the New York Times reported last week close to a third of the Obama campaign’s fundraising receipts has come from donors who gave $1,000 or more.

This means that a third of Barry’s funds come from people throwing away between $1,000 and $2,300, which is not the small donor which might spring to mind when we think of those who idolize Obama’s celebrity. Remember, these folks are donating to something with established set of positions which matches the current rhetoric. There is nothing to this Obama mania but Obama himself, and we cannot be certain what he is, what he would do given the power of the Presidency.

The media meme is that it is a “smear” or an “attack” to point out the obvious: that Barack Obama is a show. The writers still have to develop the lead character, but I assume they want to do this while he sits in the Oval Office.

Does anyone know if Obama’s campaign sites have been updated to contain only his current stances on matters which affect us in a big way? (The little stuff, his vacillation doesn’t matter as much.) I’d like to find out, and I would like for them to be sure it stays current.

Maybe one day, I can be like his “fans” on Facebook. And he can be my home dog. Seriously, this is what this is becoming/has become.