At Newsweek, they tell us that McCain has cooties

It seems that the glossy Newsweek infotainment magazine has a feature wherein they give candidates up arrows and down arrows. John McCain has been even with or, in a few polls, ahead of Obama despite the latter’s messianic tour of Europe with its fawning press coverage, gets a down arrow for last week. Why? Here’s Ken Shepherd at Newsbusters.org:

But to Newsweek’s Conventional Wisdom (see screencap above), McCain’s campaigning amounted to “tomfoolery” that temporarily put the Illinois senator off-message while making McCain sound like “Karl Rove channeled by Joe Piscopo.”

That sounds like conventional wisdom to partisan Democratic operatives, not hard-bitten veteran Washington insiders looking at the campaigns objectively.

Joe Klein, a life member of the Church of Barack, writes for Newsweek (almost).

The analysis above is both childish and incorrect, as McCain is merely calling Obama out for being an empty celebrity without the experience or fitness to sit in the Oval Office by himself. It’s up to Obama to deny it. It is too bad if it offends their Obamified sensibilities, but you’ll have these damaged emotions when you back unwritten record in a national election.

The Newsweeklings sound unlike reporters and analysts and more like James Carville channeled by Al Franken.