The ditzy, celebrity candidate.

It has been established that Barack Obama is a celebrity without portfolio, to combine lines from Lindsey Graham and former Democrat Joe Lieberman. The latest Gallup tracking poll, the one which recently had Obama up by nine points, “has moved back into a statistical tie,” with Obama up by only one: 45% – 44%.

The latest three-day average confirms that Obama was unable to solidify the significant lead he briefly enjoyed among registered voters at the height of publicity surrounding his weeklong visit to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, and Europe… [and] the presumptive Democratic nominee has been losing ground.”


The John McCain campaign has kicked the Axelrod Show and its ditzy, celebrity candidate where it hurts, and the campaign manager, Plouffe, is accusing everyone of being Karl Rove and demanding $5 to get Obama’s message out that he is not — “nu-huh” – an empty celebrity. That he in fact has substance and stuff and is not just a pretty face.

In the face of these new attacks, you can help demonstrate that a movement funded by grassroots supporters giving only what they can afford is ready to take on the Republican fundraising machine and its onslaught of negativity.

Obama is vulnerable here, as he has shown little substance and almost no original thought so far. His peeps know this, so it seems they want to fight back in some way, no doubt involving a terribly hubristic proclamation. The irony is, the money will go toward further projecting Obama’s celebrity image and papering over his lack of a leadership skills and substance. The promise of a free Hopechangehope for every working class household, and all that.

And now, the Axelrod Show has had to throw yet another Obama campaigner under his bus.

But the show must go on. After all, it is not quite August yet.