Another zero-quality bit from Jake Tapper

It’s not been a good few days for our buddy, ABC News’ Jake Tapper. Yesterday, he was chanting the non-sequitur mantra of Obama’s peeps, asserting that because there was no solid proof that Obama wanted a photo op at Germany’s Landstuhl military hospital, Axelrod was above that sort of thing and Obama was on the right side of the matter and McCain was wrong to point out that Barry blew off our injured soldiers.

Something had hold of his mind and was not letting him think about what he was writing. Ah, it could happen to anyone. I suppose.

But he’s done it again.

Yesterday, candidate McCain released an advertisement making the point that Obama was really just an empty celebrity. Tapper shoots back today with a childish “quiz,” identifying McCain as a candidate who knows celebrities, whose family knows celebrities, and who has hosted Saturday Night Live. Be those things as they may, it does not affect that narrative of McCain’s commercial. Barack Obama is one of the world’s biggest media celebrities, a pop star. Tapper’s quiz, possibly an attempt at pop cleverness, is naught but a seemingly purposeful non-sequitur designed to distract the more flighty amongst his readership.

Jake, you can do better. Remember, McCain himself was something of a media celebrity during the 2000 nominating season, albeit nothing insubstantial like Obama. That’s an angle.

Tapper is still a young man. He has plenty of time to avoid becoming addled and intellectually vapid, a la… okay, let’s leave Joe Klein out of this. Klein’s condition, we can attribute to his bad dose of Obamamania.