Conservative Activists, today is Vertical Day!

I think it has to do with a bottom-to-top conservatism.

Today is Vertical Day over at the Huck PAC’s site, on which a dozen or so candidates supported by Mike Huckabee’s new PAC — including Bob Clegg, Luke Puckett, Jim Inhofe, Lamar Alexander, John Cornyn, Steve Daines, Elizabeth Dole, Roy Brown, Gilbert Baker, and Brad Lage – get to blog about the issues dear to the PAC and to hook up with the site’s community of activists. They have redesigned their front page for the event, turning it into a Vertical Day blog.

Sayeth Huck:

We have offered each candidate the option to blog up to 4 times about the issues that matter most to them. No fundraising appeals, no calls to action, just a simple link to their website will be added to each blog post in case you want further information. These candidates aren’t just blogging to Huck PAC supporters within their home states and congressional districts, they are blogging to our community. They value what we accomplished during our campaign together and they are eager to offer their views for the way forward and their solutions to the problems we face.

Lamar Alexander has gone first.

Check it out if you get the chance. It promises to be an interesting exposition and discussion of conservative views and stances. (Governor Huckabee himself, as luck would have it, is stuck in Rwanda. Oh, I suppose it could happen to any of us.)

Vertical Day.