Hank Waxman is still investigating the Val Plame leak.

The name is Dick Armitage, Mr. Chairman.

Hank Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Committee wanted President Bush to give him docs regarding their FBI interviews in connection with the erstwhile Joe Wilson Scandal. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Keith Nelson wrote the Administration’s reply, saying, in part:

“The attorney general has requested that the president assert executive privilege with respect to these documents and the president has done so.”

Waxman is considering a resolution against Attorney General Michael Mukasey for not giving Waxman the stuff he wants.

I needn’t mention the doubtlessly flaring nostrils when I offer this for your quick perusal:

“There is a key document that could explain what the vice president knew and what he did,” Waxman said, referring to Libby’s statement to the FBI that it was “possible” Cheney instructed him to blow Wilson’s CIA undercover identity.Waxman also noted that a letter from Mukasey to Bush dated Wednesday regarding the executive privilege stance “also raises questions about the president’s involvement … the documents being withheld summarize conversations held directly with the president.”

This has to do with: Who leaked Val Plame’s name to the Robert Novak? Was the Vice President involved?

The answer, Waxman, is then-Secretary of State Colin Powell’s deputy, Richard Armitage. I’m not kidding, Waxman. Here is a vid of Armitage admitting it. Here is Bob Novak writing that, indeed, Armitage was his source.

Waxman, drop this old nonsense. It’s over. There is no more mystery; in fact, there has not been a secret for some time. You ought to investigate such figures as Chuck Rangel or Barack Obama. There is some shady activity going on in our government, and it has nothing to do with a former deputy secretary at the Department of State talking about a desk jockey at the CIA or her deadbeat husband.

I’m sick of seeing myself write things like that. Get over it, Hank!