Turnabout? ObamaLies™.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that in his speech late this morning, Obama tried his best to continue the narrative that BushLied™ about Iraq AND about Afghanistan.

BTW, the new line is that limited success in Iraq has come at the cost of real terrorist victories in Afghanistan. He also posited that the Iraqis have failed to unify politically, which he said was the real reason for the Surge, but will be capable of running the country next year so that we can get out.

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Jeffrey Lord’s piece at The American Spectator’s site — Obama Lies — was blocked by both my Firefox and by Google as a reported “attack site.” This means, I think, that it uploads nasty lines of code to your machine if you visit. Allegedly.

It doesn’t.

And the piece is well worth reading:

Barack Obama is now in the process of being Tupoleved by the American Left. More amusingly, the American Left is in the process of being Tupoleved by the American Left. The torpedo? Two simple words repeated ad nauseam now for years. The words?Bush lied.This is the driving narrative of the Bush administration as portrayed by the likes of the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, MoveOn.org and the rest of the perpetually outraged members of the Angry Left. An intelligence mistake in the Bush era like those missing WMD’s? Bush lied! Changes of position by the administration? Bush lied! Bush and company, we are repeatedly informed, simply tell flat out lies. Big lies, small lies, medium-sized lies. These lies are told deliberately, from dawn to dusk 24/7 with the malice aforethought of cold-blooded liars possessing vastly ill intentions towards truth, justice and, well, all that stuff (they don’t really like to speak of The American Way over on that side).Talk about the law of unintended consequences.

Obama and his lefty pals have crafted the definition of the term “lie” so as to make it fit practically anything uttered by the Bush Administration. The problem, Lord observes, is their definition is now being used to measure their own statements. This is becoming almost priceless!

With liberals having laid out very bright markers as to what constitutes a “lie” by the Bush administration — mistakes, outright changes of position or anything that can remotely be interpreted as misleading — it should be no surprise then that Obama’s mistakes, sudden and/or repeated flip-flops, or misleading statements on issues are not taken, as they were with Senator John Kerry in the 2004 race, as a sign of indecisiveness or weakness. This time around, with the left’s “Bush lied” mantra beaten into the public consciousness, what Obama presents as mistakes or as a “refining” of his positions are being seen as outright lies.

The same people who gave us BushLied™ have now given us ObamaLies™. And Obama has lied about Rev. Wright, Rezko, withdrawal from Iraq, and his sundry positions which might obstruct the direction in which the political wind is blowing.

Hey, the lefties wrote the rules in this regard; now, we get to joyfully enforce them.