David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, needs our kind of money.

The big news from the Obama campaign this Monday is that campaign manager David Plouffe’s surname rhymes with Puff. Magic dragons aside, Mr. Plouffe has issued a vid in which he whines that the Obama lucrative lucre juggernaut is being outspent and will probably be outspent by the McCain campaign. It is RNC cash. Plouffe – rhymes with puff — tells us that very rich McCain + obscenely wealthy RNC = $96-million, while impoverished Obama + destitute DNC = $85-million.

{UPDATE, Moe Lane: Mark’s a little busy just this second, so he asked me to quickly update this: that 85 million is actually McCain’s/the RNC’s May cash on hand. Obama’s/the DNC’s was somewhere around $37 million cash on hand in May… and neither has of yet of course actually revealed June’s totals yet.}

{I should also note that Plouffe looks very, very tired. He should start eating better. It’s going to a be a long time to November, and we can’t have him collapsing just yet, can we? – ML}

I’m sending my dues to the RNC Life Member program today. So. There.

Enjoy the word from Plouffe (rhymes with puff), as he prepares to cry the equivalent of the Euphrates and the Tigres combined. He needs money:

You can give to the RNC here, and to the McCain campaign here. Or we can buy Mr. Plouffe a box of Kleenex.

Word out.