TPP, TISA, Fast Track: Do I trust Obama?

I’ve been weighing this for a while and I decided I’d just put it in a diary.


I am not sure how I feel about the TPP.  I’m not sure, because I don’t know what’s in it.  Nor do I know what is in the TISA, or the TTIP.  All three are multinational treaties that Obama has been secretly negotiating for the past several years.  All of them are things he wants to “get done” before he leaves office.  And all of them are classified, hidden from the American people.  What I am sure of is that I don’t want Fast Track.

Fast Track, or TPA, is supposed to be this bland thing where Congress encourages the president to negotiate for specific things with specific countries so that American companies can sell overseas.  But with Obama it is a broad grant of power that cannot be rolled back.

Under the TPA bill that is now in the House Obama would get the power to secretly conclude the TPP, TISA, and any other multinational law that he says is about “trade.”  Congress will give up their power to review and amend it.  And they have to promise to hold a vote on it quickly without any debate, or even time to find out what we the people think.

And this “authority” will last for 6 years.

Even if we aren’t blessed with a “President Hillary” we have no guarantee that the person we do get will be much better.  I for one expected Bush to stand up to the Chinese on currency manipulation and he didn’t.  What would his brother do?

Obama, for his part, has complained that people should “trust him.”  But he, does not trust us.

All of these deals are classified.  Members of congress have to ask permission to see them and then they cannot take notes or even bring all of their staff.  Nor can they discuss what they have learned with each other without risking jail time.  That isn’t trust, that’s an insult.

One Senator has chosen to speak out.  [mc_name name=’Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S001141′ ] of Alabama read the bill and found that it sets up an international commission to extend the document, literally make new laws that we have to obey, without the Congress or the courts.  No wonder Obama wants it classified.

Of course Obama has promised that the TPP will be made public before the vote.  But only if he gets what he wants now.  The Fast Track bill doesn’t guarantee that, it leaves it up to him.  He also promised that the Health Care bill would be “debated on C-SPAN” so you know how seriously he takes his promises.

Our Founding Fathers set up the three branches of government so that we wouldn’t have to trust.  Congress is supposed to keep the president in check.  With the deal they would give that up and be left with “trusting” him and him alone to do it right.

Obama’s followers like Pelosi and Hoyer have said that people who oppose it just don’t have the facts but it is Obama who is keeping those facts secret.  It is Obama who has made it all about “trusting” him.  If they wanted to “discuss facts” they would make it all public.  They haven’t and they won’t.

Of course McConnell and Boehner are for it as well.  McConnell got the Senate to abdicate their constitutional duties and now Boehner is ordering the House to do so too.  Apparently none of the congressional leaders have much respect for Congress.

But the house is up every 2 years.  Unlike the Senate they need to listen to us, and the true Tea Party members have been willing to buck Boehner when they need to.  The question we need to ask them when we call their offices is:

Who do you trust, Obama or America?