NJ-GOV: Make a Call for Chris

With news that RINO DeDe Scozzafava has dropped out of the race in NY-23, and with Republican Bob McDonnell seemingly cruising to victory in the Virginia governor’s race, all eyes are turning to New Jersey.  Republican Christopher Christie is slightly ahead in the polls, with the trend going his way.  A victory for Republicans in deep blue New Jersey would send shock waves through the country that would be felt right up to the doors of the White House.

And New Jersey is winnable.  Independent candidate Chris Daggett appears to be fading, as voters who were considering him begin to get cold feet.  The majority of Daggett’s voters say Christie is their second choice, and he stands to gain three to five percent in the polls just from Daggett’s support.

Enthusiasm for incumbent Governor Jon Corzine remains non-existent, no matter how many times President Barack Obama visits the Garden State on his behalf.  New Jerseyans are not happy with Corzine’s performance as governor, and they know that Obama is not on the ballot.  None but the most die-hard Democrat is coming out to vote for Corzine.  Christie is winning among independents by double-digits.

With victory so close, it’s time for conservatives nationwide to step in and help push Christie over the top.  Christie is getting close to 90% of New Jersey Republican support, but he will need every available Republican voter to come out.  RS’ers in New Jersey, contact the Christie campaign and volunteer to help get out the vote.  If you are not in New Jersey but know someone who lives there, you can help too.  Call your friends or relatives – especially if they are Republican or independents – and urge them to go vote for Christie.

The media is already trying to insulate President Obama from the consequences of a Republican sweep on Election Day, despite the fact that he has campaigned hard for Corzine and Deeds.  We can make this Tuesday a nightmare for Democrats and the Obama Administration by pushing Christie over the top in New Jersey.

If you are in New Jersey, vote early.  Then go to your local Christie campaign office and volunteer to get more Republicans to the polls.  If you are not, take fifteen minutes and call that Republican uncle, or cousin, or independent friend and get them to go out and support Christie.  Conservatives across the country coalesced around Doug Hoffman’s campaign in NY-23.  We can do the same for Chris Christie in New Jersey.  The time is now.