Take That Michael Newdow!

Dan McLaughlin posted the video earlier, but Chief Justice John Roberts’ performance today at the Onauguration, which is getting trashed in some quarters, deserves some more notice, and praise. First, the video again.

We can forgive the mix up in the words of the oath, as recited by the Chief. President Obama could have simply repeated the words Roberts said, wrong or not, instead of pausing and creating that awkward moment. But let’s put that aside and focus on the Chief’s question to Obama at the end of the oath.

The Chief asked Obama, “So help you God?” Why is this significant? Because the Chief Justice is being personally sued over his prospective administration of the oath right now by infamous atheist gadfly Michael Newdow. The Chief’s question was both a recognition of the role of religion in the nation’s history, and a big flip of the bird to Newdow and his cadre anti-religion zealots.

Newdow, whose lawsuit never really had a chance in Hell, pardon the pun, of succeeding, took the rather ungracious step of having Chief Justice Roberts served legal papers at his home last week.

President Obama is said to have wanted the words, first ad lbbed by George Washington, included in the oath for his swearing in.  But John Roberts likely wouldhave included them anyway.  The Chief Justice is a rock star, unafraid to flout a pending lawsuit in front of millions of people, the entire Congress, and the new president.  Doubtless, he would have made Obama say the words even if Obama didn’t want them included.

Hail to the Chief.  He and Justice Samuel Alito are one legacy of the Bush Administration that conservatives should never stop thanking God for.