BREAKING: GOP Suspends Convention Activities

GOP Officials just held a press conference here in St. Paul, Minnesota, to announce changes to the convention schedule in advance of Hurricane Gustav making landfall somewhere along the Gulf Coast. Sen. McCain has directed that all convention activities outside of necessary business be suspended until further notice.

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan said that the convention must meet tomorrow to constitute itself. But he said that the program will be restricted to gavelling the convention open, receiving the report of the Credentials Committee, establishing a quorum on the floor, electing officers, and adopting the rules of the convention. The session will then be adjourned with no further activity. All of the speakers set to address the convention tomorrow, including President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, and First Lady Laura Bush, have ben canceled.

McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis said that there will be no “political rhetoric” as a part of tomorrow’s program, and that the campaign was heeding Sen. McCain’s call to “take off our Republican hats, and put on our American hats.” Asked about the possibility that Sen. McCain may not appear to accept the nomination at all, depending on the cours eof the storm, Davis would not speculate.

“The only thing I can tell you for sure is that there will be no activities besides necessary business tomorrow. We will make a decision about Tuesday’s program then.”