debt ceiling: email to my "representative"

Dear Senator–

Raising the debt ceiling is a stupid idea. Vote against it.

Ordinary Americans have learned what this means. We got credit. We paid our bills on time and we got more credit. And we spent it! And then, a whole lot of us looked at our  balance sheets and began to understand that we were no longer working to do things we wanted to do, we were working to pay off our credit card bills. So we scrimped & sacrificed and paid them off. And now we are debt free. And we have so much available credit… !! (I’m not an expert on this but my understanding is that on the world markets, available credit = power.)

As my representative, I expect you to vote “no” on raising the ceiling. The federal government isn’t going to shut down. Seriously, even people who go bankrupt or go into foreclosure don’t actually die. Life goes on. It’s not like you will loose your job if the government “shuts down.”

Do the grown-up responsible thing. Living within your means is really fun, and empowering. Vote “no” on raising the ceiling and then get to work on balancing the budget. We know it’s not going to be any fun. So what?