Is Obama Plotting A War To Boost His Re-Election?

If you didn’t know this already, much of the news regarding elected officials is fed to the press by those same officials.  They work carefully to cultivate a “confidential” relationship between one or two administration employees and a reporter or two, then “feed” stories to them which end up in print.

Why?  Because stories which seem to have been “uncovered” enjoy slightly more credibility than those based upon press releases.  And how do they insure that their stories will appear as they want them to appear?  They write them.

Sophisticated press people know the “word limits” of various writers for their daily or weekly columns.  So, they write the entire story out for them, after carefully studying their writing styles.  Some writers take the bait and turn the stories in to their editors, with only a few revisions, just enough to  fool themselves into feeling that they haven’t completely “sold out”.  If the story is hot enough, it gets printed.

Which raises a good question.  Why all the press about Obama being angry over an alleged assassination plot hatched by Iran to kill the Saudi ambassador?  I smell a rat.

First of all, the Saudi’s are owners of friends with our highest ranking officials.  They get special treatment.  Hell, the president we’ve got now even bows before their king!

And everybody knows that Obama has taken it on the chin for being soft on Iran ever since his campaign blunder when he said he’d meet face to face with Ahmadinejad.

Now that some in his own party are trying to distance themselves from him, his fundraising is falling off and any generic republican appears to win against him in head to head polls, maybe he thinks that the time has come to turn up the heat.  Thus, all the talk about a possible war with Iran.

Why?  Wartime presidents are not often replaced in the midst of a war Americans are then passionate to prosecute.

Keep your eyes open, and don’t put anything past this guy.

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