Today Is 9-12: Let The Mourning End


I didn’t watch one minute of 9/11 coverage.  Why?  Because I remember it vividly.  I didn’t need to see video of people jumping from buildings, airplanes exploding or listen to speeches.  I didn’t need to see conspiracy videos, listen to eye witnesses or pause in what I was doing.  Look around.  Memories are everywhere.

Look at your home value.  How is it holding up after 10 years of war spending by the government?  Look at your employment prospects.  How bright are they after an anti-war, anti-Bush president has been in control for nearly three years?

Look at our airports.  How much more liberty do you see?  Look at your grocery bill.  How much lower is it after food production was placed under the direction of Homeland Security?

Look around your world anywhere and tell me if you feel more or less threatened by your own government than you did before 9/11/01.  Have we granted the police,the FBI, the IRS, and the umbrella agency the Department of Homeland Security greater deference when it comes to controlling our behavior?

I don’t need to watch a second of television coverage about 9/11 to know what it did to my country.  I have to live with it every single day.  What we should have done is replace the Saturday cartoon hours with the 9/11 coverage so our kids get it.  This year’s new voters were in second grade back then.  They have no idea what the world looked like pre 9/11.

What we should have done on 9/11 is go wall to wall on every channel with John Wayne movies, interspersed with such classics as “The Great Escape”, “The Dirty Dozen”, “The Inglorious Bastards”, “Night and Fog”, “Schindler’s List”, and “The Bridge Over The River Kwai”.

We don’t need to be reminded what it feels like to be punched in the gut.

What we need is a reminder of what it feels like to stand tall and fight back.

We need more reminders of what it was like in America before 9/11.

It’s Monday and it’s 9-12.

Let’s lift our heads, get back to work and let the mourning end.

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