New IMF Chief Wanted Paris To Become Islamic Banking Center, AND THERE'S MORE!

Christine Legarde was mentioned tonight as being perhaps the new chief of the International Monetary Fund.  Legarde, who is French, has served as the Minister of Finance of France since 2007.  In 2008 she stated her determination to make Paris an important center of Islamic finance.

Dès 2009, des banques islamiques pourraient être autorisées à ouvrir leurs guichets en France. Elles ont de bonnes chances d’y parvenir. Hier, Christine Lagarde a affirmé son intention de faire de Paris une capitale de la finance islamique. [leparisien.fr]


From 2009, Islamic banks could be authorized to open their counters in France. They have good chances to reach there. Yesterday, Christine Lagarde asserted her intention to make of Paris a capital of Islamic finance. [webtranslation online]

Not surprisingly, she has a connection with Obama’s hometown, Chicago, as well as being embroiled in allegations of corruption in office.

Lagarde, once a lawyer in Chicago, has become embroiled in the soap-opera saga of Bernard Tapie, one of the most flamboyant and controversial figures in French public life. Tapie is a maverick rags-to-riches tycoon whose CV includes a stint as head of Marseille football club, head of the Adidas sports empire, left-wing urban affairs minister under Francois Mitterrand, a seven-month jail term for match-fixing, a conviction for tax fraud and an amazing public comeback as an actor, singer, chatshow host and supporter of Nicolas Sarkozy.

For almost two decades, a battle raged through the courts after Tapie claimed he was cheated by the Credit Lyonnais bank which handled the 1993 sale of Adidas. Credit Lyonnais, once publicly owned, had been wound up and its liabilities taken over by a state-operated consortium.

In 2007, Lagarde intervened and ended the court dispute by ordering a special panel of judges to arbitrate. In 2008, they ruled that Tapie should receive €285m (£248m) in damages. The out-of-court settlement scandalised opposition politicians.

The Socialists accused Lagarde of improper conduct by intervening and asked for a full-scale investigation. Jean-Louis Nadal, the public prosecutor, has now recommended a full judicial inquiry into Lagarde’s role, saying there was evidence of “several reasons to be suspicious of the regularity and even the legality” of the settlement, which could constitute “an abuse of authority”. He suggested the case should not have been settled in private since public money was at stake. [guardian.co.uk]

In addition to her links to Chicago, corruption in France and a determination to make Paris a center for Islamic banking, she also shares a close relationship with George Soros, who has settled on a course of action designed to bring down the value of the dollar.

George Soros, the radical, far-left billionaire, with a long history of antipathy toward American interests, now sits on a United Nations (UN) panel charged with organizing a $100 billion wealth transfer from the developed world to the underdeveloped world in the name of environmentalism.

The nexus between environmentalism and anti-Americanism is not difficult to unravel. Van Jones, an avowed communist, who previously served as a czar for the Obama Administration, was forced to step down when far left history came to light. Buried deep in the NYT piece is a revealing nugget that should have been in the lead. [Net Right]

“The 21-member United Nations panel included Lawrence H. Summers, the White House’s departing national economics adviser; the billionaire financier George Soros; Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, the finance minister of Mexico; and Christine Lagarde, the French economic minister,” the Times reports. [NY Times]

Wake up folks!  They could be positioning the burglars to take charge of the vault.

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