Rand Paul: The Phenomenon Continues

He came out of nowhere, carrying both the baggage and buoyancy of his father’s name. He challenged the most powerful republican in America and dared to take on the the philosophy of the very party whose nomination he sought.  He ignored traditional strategies, swatted away criticism and emerged victorious.

But in the wake of his victory the scoffs of the establishment continued.  Under breath chortels shared among the backslappers and lobbyist types worked up into a salavating drool of anticipation, hungry for the day when the machinery of Washington DC would make mincmeat out of Rand Paul, put him in his place and expose him as the impotent little tin hatted fool they always knew existed beneath that curly mop.

But barely weeks into his new job a faint cry was detected back in the dark alleys of Washington in which the connivers, thieves and political sadists lurk.  “Shhh… What was that”, they said.  “Did you hear something?”

There, out in the sunshine the newsboys were barkering an explosive story.  Rand Paul was making good on campaign promises.  “Who does he think he is?” The establishment asked.  How dare this young whippersnapper come up here and within days begin to introduce legislation?

First, he proposed cutting $500 billion from the budget.  “Five hundred billion?” they cried.  “Let’s just see how that goes over”

As it turned out, the ones cheering were the American public.  The ones gnashing teeth were the parasites which had been feeding on their bloated incumbent hosts.  The public finally had someone who was listening to them.  These are tough times, we need the tough to get going, seemed to be the sentiment.

Then Rand Paul dared to put together a TEA party caucus.  This rattled the senate chamber to its very closet full of bones.  With 60 votes needed to conduct business, a TEA party caucus could very well withhold enough votes that both democrats and republicans would have to deal with them.  No longer could the two parties meet like wolves and decide which part of the public they would carve up for dinner.

Then Rand Paul said he would join with his father and call for an audit of the Federal Reserve.  The ripples of fear running through the halls of Congress caused fits of violent sweating, incontinence and anxiety attacks.  Announcements that some in office would not seek re-election began.  Long feared secrets were at risk of being exposed and the most powerful men in the world might actually be called before the people of America and required to answer for their deeds.

The drooling backslappers and lobbyist types who had only days ago licked their lips in anticipation of eating Rand Paul alive, were now slack jawed and licking their lips because they were dry and cracked and trembling.

And then he dared to touch the third rail, the hot spot, to venture into that one place few in Congress had ever dared go.  He announced that within days he would propose an overhaul of the Social Security system.

I admit that this description might at first strike you as a bit over the top.  That’s okay.  Perspective is hard to get when you are this close to the phenomenon as it develops.  Just book mark this page and come back to it in a couple of years.

History is often more meaningful later, when it is written as it happens.