The Obligatory Post Shooting Commentary

I don’t watch television.  It’s not a policy, just the consequence of spending all my time on a computer.  Oh I might see an hour of TV in bed at night, usually an episode of Pawn Stars or American Pickers or a stand up comic, but I haven’t seen a complete network TV show in years.  And network news? Never, ever.

So Saturday when I started receiving emails regarding the tragic shooting in Arizona, I quickly put up a couple of posts, following the trend in the emails I got.  Then I promptly went back to work on some of my many and varied projects.

I’m told that stories about the shooting have been wall to wall on network and cable news.  Too bad for you who watch that crap.  What have you learned?  Who was teaching it to you?  What is their agenda?

From time to time I’ve come through a room in our house where a TV is on.  I know that there are shows out there like “Real Housewives”, although I’ve never seen more than a minute or two of any of them.  To me, watching any of the talking heads on TV rant about the tragic shooting of about 20 people by a true nut-job, and all the implications of that, is about as productive as watching some fat lipped, fake breasted, out of touch egomaniac on a reality show prance around in a state of hyper emotional lunacy.

Are there things we need to be looking for in this story?  Yes.  Here they are.

First, is there anything we can do to help the victims?  If so, do it.  If not, move on to number 2.

Second, are we sure this guy was a true nut-job, acting alone?  If so, fine.  If not, move on to number 3.

Third, they say he was obsessed with mind control.  Was he the victim of mind control?  (for more on why this could be important see here, here, here and here)  If he was, then we need to be on guard, find the real culprits and get busy.  If not, then move on to number 4.

Fourth, there are a number of people concerned that this shooting will result in the further confiscation of our civil rights.  Simply put, regardless of what an inquiry under number 3 produces, we need to make certain this doesn’t happen.

Fifth, isn’t it pretty much common knowledge that the presidential race of 2012 starts about now?  This means that everything you hear about anybody who is under discussion as a candidate for president has to be seen in that light.  As in war, truth is the first casualty of political campaigns for this high office.  So turn off the TV, fire up the computer and find a way to get your news from places YOU choose, from sources YOU trust in a medium which allows you immediate access to the information you need to verify or disregard any thing you see or hear.

This is a new year.  Get your news from the new media.

If you do, at least you will enjoy the serenity I do from not watching the boob tube.