***GUN GRABBER ALERT*** Airport 'Explosion' Could Inspire Regulation

Let’s give credit where credit is due.  The TSA couldn’t find its own ass using both hands.  The government has no idea what it is doing and so it “reacts” to events so as to appear competent, engaged and “on top of things”.  Now to the news. Ammunition primers are said to have “exploded” in an airport.  Guess what’s next?

That’s right, some brainiac in the government will now identify ammunition primers as a threat to airline security and the government will act quickly to pass a regulation making it illegal to transport ammunition, maybe even firearms, on an airplane.  What, you didn’t know that it was legal to transport firearms and ammunition on an airplane?

Of course it is.  How do you think guys go hunting in Alaska, Africa or anywhere else?  We check our firearm at the counter, demonstrate that it is unloaded, sign a certificate, place it in the hard sided locked container, follow it to the TSA screening station, watch as they inspect it, then place it in our checked luggage.  We repeat the same procedure on the return trip.

Ammunition is shipped in it’s original manufacturers container, or an approved container for those of us who re-load our own.  And if we are going to take a black powder gun, we then of course would consider shipping the percussion caps.

Now I have no idea why the guy in Florida was shipping primers, although if they were in the proper containers they would be perfectly safe.  And I have no idea why they “went off”, nor why the TSA says when one went off the others followed suit in a “chain reaction”.  Primers don’t behave that way.  They contain a special chemical which is only ignited by striking them, as with a firing pin or the hammer of a gun.

My guess is that much like the supposed “underwear bomber” there is much reason to be suspicious.  Is this the first step to outlawing the transport of ammunition and/or firearms on airplanes?

Judging by the idiocy of the TSA to date, I’d say be forewarned, and on guard.