Airport Groping/Scanning All For Show

The next time you travel by air, enjoy the show.  TSA security check points slow down your travel, expose you to high doses of X-rays, take digital nude pictures of your child’s genitals, your daughter’s nipples and your “junk”, while some passengers get “felt up” and it appears that the whole thing is just for show.

Why?  Because the people who have access to the empty plane while you are going through security, go through nothing of the sort.  That’s right, the guy who can put a bomb in the cargo hold, the lady who can put a detonator in a seat pocket, or a knife, or a gun, or a box cutter or a bomb in the bathroom or under a particular seat, they all get to come and go to and from the airplane merely by swiping their ID card at the door from the terminal.

And how do we know this?  Well, an airline pilot who was tired of the charade filmed and exposed the TSA for their phony existence.  And what kind of reward did he get for revealing this gaping hole in what many hassled travelers have come to accept as a necessary inconvenience?

Three days after he posted a series of six video clips recorded with a cell phone camera at San Francisco International Airport, four federal air marshals and two sheriff’s deputies arrived at his house to confiscate his federally-issued firearm. The pilot recorded that event as well and provided all the video to News10.

At the same time as the federal marshals took the pilot’s gun, a deputy sheriff asked him to surrender his state-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon.

The pilot’s attorney, Don Werno of Santa Ana, said he believed the federal government sent six people to the house to send a message.

“And the message was you’ve angered us by telling the truth and by showing America that there are major security problems despite the fact that we’ve spent billions of dollars allegedly to improve airline safety,” Werno said.

The pilot said he is not in trouble with his airline, but a supervisor asked him to remove public access to the YouTube videos.

He does, however, face potential civil penalties from the TSA. He said he would likely go public when it becomes clear what the government plans to do with him. [news10.net]

This should sound familiar.

As the Soviet press pursued its campaign of vilification against Russian Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn last week, government officials struck out at yet another target: foreign newsmen. The 60 Moscow-based Western correspondents were cautioned about their reporting of Soviet dissent and the raging controversy over Solzhenitsyn’s new book, The Gulag Archipelago, an exhaustive study of the Soviet system of terror under Lenin and Stalin.

In an effort to blunt the effect abroad of the book’s disclosures of Communist repression, Soviet news stories sent round the world portrayed the author as an opponent of detente,

Few in Russia now dare to publicly support the beleaguered writer, as hundreds have done in the past. Only a dozen brave men could be found to speak up for him in Russia.

The pitifully small showing of support for the renowned writer was a measure of the success of secret police efforts to silence the once vocal dissident movement. Many of its most active members have been dispatched to lunatic asylums, pressured to emigrate abroad, terrorized or imprisoned.[Time]

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.