Ron Paul Run For President "50-50 Chance"

He’s done it before, but Ron Paul’s prior two runs for President didn’t begin in such a favorable climate as will likely exist in 2011 when most serious presidential contenders begin laying the groundwork for their campaigns.  Not only is the TEA party support a growing phenomenon, but his clout in Congress is higher.

There is an awakening across the nation.  Driven in part by anxiety over the economy and in part by a growing distrust of insider politics Americans are paying much closer attention to the details of legislation, the long term consequences of presidential agendas and are perhaps a bit more willing to consider possibilities which only a few years ago would have been summarily dismissed as “conspiracy theories”.

Ron Paul has been talking about most of these things for a long time.  His first bid for president was as the nominee of the Libertarian party, once considered a fringe group made up of a conglomeration of crazy John Birchers, dope smoking anarchists and tin foil hat wearing oddballs.  But times have changed.  It’s not hard to find mainstream republicans admitting that the heart of libertarianism beats in the chests of once considered rock ribbed conservatives.

And as America watches the Federal Reserve more closely the truth about them is slowly being revealed.  As G. Edward Griffin first wrote in his book “The Creature From Jekyl Island” Americans are awakening to the fact that what we perhaps once thought of as our nation’s bank is really a cartel of private interests which has gained control over our nations finances, our currency and by a series of moves designed to increase the profits to its real owners, led the USA to the brink of bankruptcy.

Ron Paul’s appointment to a very important sub-committee in the Congress, charged with overseeing the banking industry, will give him a platform beginning next year from which to expose the Federal Reserve like never before.  And considering that he has called for not only auditing the Fed, but ending it, look for 2011 to be the year of the perfect storm.  Combine an unpopular president with a worsening economy, a TEA party congress and Ron Paul running for president and you have all the ingredients for a tsunami in 2012 which could sweep over the Potomac swamp and carry Ron Paul into office.

Oh, no doubt, opposition will be fierce, but as the election of Rand Paul in Kentucky has shown, hell hath no fury like the voters scorn.