Obama In Danger?


It wasn’t a nudge, it was an elbow to the mouth, and it resulted in Obama needing stitches.  It wasn’t a little secret that leaked out, the newest Wikileak was the largest loss of super secret information in history. Glenn  Beck quotes George Soros saying he is determined to rule the world.  Obama is failing.

I’ve said this before, I’ve repeated it frequently and I think I was saying this before Beck or anybody else.  Obama was set up to be the fall guy.  He was set upon a pedestal, compared to the Messiah, compared himself to Lincoln and was put in office by communists, Marxists and radicals in order to push forward their agenda.

And what is their agenda?  Just take a look at history.  The world has always been ruled by a few powerful tyrants.  The King and Queen of one country, the dictators of another, the Politburo in Marxist/Leninist states, all concentrate power and wealth at the top.

Communism is not a utopia where all the people are properly cared for.  It is a criminal enterprise which forces the people to slave away so that the folks at the top can enjoy vast riches, incredible power and dictate to whom their fortunes will pass.  It is no different than the tyrannical rule of Kings.  In fact, among the Kings and Queens and dictators of the world there is a “Mexican Standoff”.  None want to lose their kingdom, and so they maintain armies to protect them, and to plunder the weaker ones in order to acquire more and even greater power and wealth.

This is precisely the goal of the “New World Order” types, the forty or so people conspiring with George Soros to position themselves at the top, to collapse economies, generate chaos and enslave people first by twisted logic, then by offers of security and finally at the end of a gun, if necessary.

The latest blows to Obama, both literally and figuratively, suggest that he is possibly in danger.  Why?  Because if he is unable to fast track their agenda sufficiently enough, harming him could be the spark which sets off the chaos bomb in our midst.

Do you really think that our anxiety in America is due to the panic in Greece, Ireland and elsewhere? No.

Their panic is due to our situation.  They know the signposts which presage coming events.  The rest of the world has experienced communism, fascism, totalitarianism and tyranny.  They know how it begins, and they see it beginning here.

We are the last refuge of hope for mankind.  The riots in Europe are in part due to the extreme anxiety they feel as they watch our nation being subdued by Globalists, controlled by Socialists and in essence throwing in the towel in the fight for liberty.  They fear that we will fall, and that is why they are falling apart.

We are still the world leader in the most valuable commodity of all: freedom.  We are the sole exporter of the most desired product of all time: democracy.  We are the source of the greatest good of all goods: the open acknowledgment that God is the source of all things, not men.

The TEA party movement does not frighten the world, but the fear of violence, civil war, marital law and the collapse of the United States brought about by those men who would be Gods themselves, frightens the world.  The TEA party movement gives hope to millions, and causes fear among the few who cannot survive, if the TEA party movement survives.

Soros and company cannot wait while the forces of liberty gain strength.  The day will come when they perceive a tipping point, when something drastic has to be done, when they must create the circumstance which completely derails the revival of our founding principles among the people of the United States, and they have positioned their sacrificial lamb to become the focus of that plan.

If you can split the president’s lip in a basketball game, we know pretty clearly that he can be harmed.  Of course it was an accident, but you’ll note, the guy who did it didn’t apologize.

Obama is failing to advance the agenda for a new world order fast enough.  As such a fat lip delivered by “his friends” in the game should be the least of his worries.

Originally posted at BluegrassBulletin.com