***EXPLOSIVE*** Was Jack Conway Involved In Obstruction Of Justice?

A Louisville police detective’s job is on the line for having tipped off Jack Conway’s brother regarding an ongoing investigation into Matthew Conway’s alleged drug dealing.  But now it appears that Jack Conway himself was sending messages to the detective raising new questions about obstruction of justice.

The investigating detective says he received a phone call from a Louisville attorney telling him that “Jack Conway wanted to know if police were working on a case involving his brother“.  The detective says he told the attorney that he was afraid if his conduct was discovered that he might lose his job. The detective then received several more phone calls from Conway’s attorney.

The detectives assigned to the investigation say they gave Jack Conway’s brother a “heads up” that they were going to search his house.  After two day’s advanced notice, not surprisingly, the search turned up nothing.

Detectives also gave Jack Conway’s brother another tip that he needed to “quit…or get caught”.

Jack Conway the Louisville attorney and Conway’s brother then met privately at Jack Conway’s home.

After that, according to the detective, the attorney called several more times to reassure him, despite his fears over his job  Don’t worry about it.  Everything’s OK.”

Did the detective feel pressured by Attorney General Conway through the numerous phone calls he received?  Might Jack Conway have known about the insider tips, and therefore as the chief law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth been aware of illegal activity on the part of a police officer and yet worked behind the scenes to re-assure him that everything was “OK”?  According to the story, no report of  misconduct appears to have been made by Jack Conway.

The only report of misconduct which seems to have come from Jack Conway occurred after the meeting between Jack, his brother and the attorney at Jack Conway’s home.  After that meeting the attorney went to the police chief and “reported” another detective who had been overheard telling a local businessman not to give money to the Conway campaign because he was “dirty (corrupt)”.  Everyone involved in those conversations has now declined to comment.

It also appears that the Courier Journal may have been sitting on the documents and on this story for months and only released it under a rather vague headline after learning that other news sources had made open records requests and might break the story themselves.