Washington Crossing Off Delaware

Make no mistake about it, TEA party candidates can find no quarter in the battle for Washington among those already in power.  They threaten not only  democratic incumbents, but also the RINO’s and mainstream republicans who desperately want to keep their jobs.  Apparently they also threaten the reliability of prognosticators.

Take for example the battle being waged today in the Delaware GOP primary.  TEA party supported, Palin endorsed Christine O’Donnell is capable of upsetting Delaware’s sole republican member of Congress and former governor, Michael Castle in the race for Joe Biden’s old seat .  This possibility has lit the fuse of a bombshell which has captured the attention of nearly every news service in the nation.

Pundits, like Charles Krauthammer , have even gone so far as to criticize Palin and others for their endorsement of O’Donnell calling their decisions "destructive. . . capricious . . . self indulgent".  Why?  Because most others suggest that O’Donnell is not likely to win in November, whereas, Castle at least stands a chance.

But others, like Jim DeMint have argued that the time has come to vote for the principled candidate, rather than just the one likely to win.  If in fact this thinking catches on, we could be witnessing even more of a watershed moment in American politics than any of the prognosticators have foreseen.

But more importantly than discrediting the pundits, the choice of O’Donnell over Castle accomplishes a much more significant goal; it will give Delaware voters a clear choice in November instead of the usual choice between the lesser of two evils.

Far too often the GOP has nominated candidates who would be better described as "liberal light" than as true to the conservative principles of the party.  Castle is given a better chance in left leaning Delaware against the democrat Chris Coons in November precisely for the reason that one is virtually indistinguishable from the other on policy issues.  (Castle even voted in favor of Dennis Kucinich’s bill to impeach President Bush.)

So when it comes to analyzing today’s Delaware primary, a victory for O’Donnell is exactly the kind of victory which can give encouragement to other good candidates to offer themselves up to public service.  And if she comes up short in November, the TEA party will not have been defeated at all, rather it will have survived one battle, bloody feet and all, to fight another day as it seeks to send it’s candidates  to Washington after having made a valiant effort crossing through Delaware.