Inspector General To Open Investigation Into Eric Holder's Voting Rights Record

As I reported to you recently, a former employee of the Obama Justice department has blown the whistle on what he calls the “deliberate and corrupt” policies of AG Eric Holder to selectively investigate and prosecute integrity violations of the Motor Voter Act.  Now the Inspector General has opened an investigation.

In a nation ruled by law, and not by men, our very liberty is at stake when the one department responsible for insuring justice is run by potentially corrupt politicians with a biased agenda.  Warnings about Eric Holder were everywhere at the time of his nomination, yet in the euphoria surrounding Barack Obama’s inauguration, few in the press took any notice.  As such it was up to us, in the New Media, to bring the potential dangers of his service to light.

Now, Michele Malkin is calling for prayers for the Inspector General who dares to open what is perhaps the first of many investigations to come regarding the Obama administration.  She warns that this bunch of “bully boys” is not beyond some very rough treatment for Inspectors General, as their past behavior demonstrates.