Jack Conway Scores Race With Rand Paul By REALLY Fuzzy Math

Jack Conway reportedly told a crowd this weekend that 90% of the polls have his race with Rand Paul scored as a dead heat.  He then tried to claim victory at a church picnic where Rand Paul came, but had to leave early due to a conflict by saying if “90% of success is just showing up…I guess we win on that score.”

Really Jack?  For a well educated guy with tons of money and voter registration lopsidedly in your favor, your delusional view of this race suggests that you are seriously out of touch with what is going on in this country right now.

Take for example your support of Obamacare.  To whom are you pandering with this appeal?  Recent pollling shows that of all the issues facing our nation, 74% of Kentuckians think that domestic, fiscal and taxing issues are the most important.

In fact, Jack, you are trailing in so many polls that your confident opinion that the race is a dead heat suggests rather that you are close to being brain dead from heat stroke if you really believe that CNN conducts reliable polling.

America, and yes Kentucky, is waking up from four decades of a prosperity induced stupor where nothing the bums in Washington did seemed to knock us off course.  Despite their philandering, their cuff link jangling cocktail party antics or their tax and spend recklessness, they just didn’t seem to be able to stop the incredible growth of the American economy.  For the last 40 years, no matter what we bought, whether it was stocks, real estate or businesses, it always looked like our investments would be worth more in the future.

But lately, the man whose dangerous agenda you so wholeheartedly support, has found himself in a quite different world.  No longer can we be assured that our homes won’t soon be worth less than what we owe on them, our retirement accounts suddenly insufficient to carry us through our golden years or our children’s future brighter than our own was.  Now we face the sobering reality that our government is careening out of control and its time to step up, take back control and right this ship of state ourselves.

And you, Jack Conway, think that hooking your wagon to Obama’s fading star is a good political move?  Well, in a strange sort of way, for the majority of Kentuckians who support Rand Paul, they “kind of” agree.

To them watching you cozy up to Obama seems like a good political move because it highlights how out of touch you and your democratic friends are, how much we need the kind of “real change” the movement behind Rand Paul advocates, and how anxious voters will be to show up on November 2d, the day on which the REAL score will clear up your “fuzzy” math, once, and hopefully, for all.