Remembering 9-11 Requires Honoring 07-04

Today I am in Washington DC with a group of conservative bloggers who work daily to spread the truth in an era of mis-information.  Men and women from around the country are here sharing their new media techniques to push against the monopoly which the old media has held over the mindset of our countrymen.

Today our nation will remember the events of 9-11-2001.  We will relive the horror of watching people jump from the World Trade center towers to their death.  We will watch footage of the buildings collapse.  We will hear politicians give speeches to honor the first responders.  We can even watch programs which give conspiracy theorists a platform for their ideas.

But one thing we should be doing today is honoring the real heroes of the modern world, the brave men who, on July 4, 1776, pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the birth of a new idea, the concept that our rights all come from God and that We The People instituted this government for the single purpose of protecting our God given rights from the avarice of men.

The events of 9-11 were born out of the avarice of men.  Those who executed the attacks lusted after the benefits of martyrdom which their perverted view of Islam laid before them.  Those now in hiding, or in graves, who orchestrated the attacks lusted after control of the world through their twisted reading of the Quran.

And since 9-11 men and women in positions of power in this nation, and elsewhere, have lusted after greater control over the lives of free men and women by way of the patriot act, airport screenings and the opportunity those terrible events provided for advancing the notion that the people need the government to protect them.

Today we should remember that 9-11 not only gave our government the chance to wage two foreign wars, but a domestic one as well.  Do you feel more free today than before the attacks?  Do you feel as if your individual liberties have increased, or decreased, since those attacks?  Do you feel that our status as a nation blessed by God is more or less clearly seen around the world?

Today as you find yourself confronted with memories of 9-11-01, take a few minutes to reflect upon 07-04-76.

It’s time we got back to honoring the cause of liberty in the name of God.  In response to the suicide cry of Allahu Akbar, I say “God Bless America”.