Divided We Fall, and Fail

In the footnotes of history, we can find parallels to many of our contemporary challenges. Like a roadmap, they are there to see- if one wishes.

Willful ignorance or perhaps deceitful argumentative citing is the product of either an uninformed mind or blatant dishonesty. Irrespective of that motive or tact, it usually leads to irreconcilable philosophical challenges and what would otherwise be fairly predictable ends.

That we have set ourselves on a course, knowingly and deliberately divided in both our goals and using pathos pleas as a substitute for strategy, is an action which assuredly presages disaster.  See perhaps what happened to Phillip V, Theodoisus I or more recently this example;

In the German elections of 1932, the Nazi party received 37 percent of the vote. They became part of a democratically elected coalition government, in which Hitler became chancellor. Only step by step did the Nazis dismantle democratic freedoms and turn the country into a complete dictatorship.

The political majority could have united to stop Hitler from becoming a dictator. But they did not unite. They fought each other over their differences. Some figured that they would take over after the Nazis were discredited and defeated. Many who plotted this clever strategy died in Nazi concentration camps. Unfortunately, so did millions of others.

Professor Sowell preceded that very salient example with this paragraph;

The most charitable interpretation of Ted Cruz and his supporters is that they are willing to see the Republican party weakened in the short run, in hopes that they will be able to take it over in the long run, and set it on a different path as a more purified conservative party. Like many political ideas, this one is not new. It represents a political strategy that was tried long ago — and failed long ago.

We are perhaps frustrated in our quest to wrestle power from those whom are slowly dismantling our constitution and destroying our republic. We are no doubt angered by the long term occupants of our government who have forgotten what courage is, and what real leadership entails.

But I would caution, as Professor Sowell does, that division and a strategy where one side professes to have all the answers and thus claims itself the only righteous party only ends in defeat- for all of us.

If we have learned anything from the last several years in exile, it is that division is our biggest weakness. Notice the constant, deliberate and unrelenting strategy of our opponents to divide us. They know it, and it’s about time people in our party professing to be in sole possession of the righteous scepter realized it as well.

We’ve forgotten how to negotiate with each other and organize as a single force. That’s not a bow to the “Establishment” or any other faction. It leads to a victorious road- which is why we still sit stagnated in defeat.