GOP Debate; Stay Angry, My Friends

Here is my brief debate rundown, replete with comments from a personal focus group that watched it with me. No beer bottles or wines glasses hit the flat screen. That’s a good thing. Last State of the Union speech? Story for another day


Ron Paul – Cuckoo, cuckoo. Why is he still on the stage? His supporters freep every poll and bring their own applause section that claps when he passes wind. The media apparently gets a kick out of him. They like his “fly in the ointment-make Republicans look bad” appeal. But the guys an annoying, unhinged moron that makes everyone else in the room dumber.

Bachmann – Did she every directly answer one question without demurring to some platitude? Sorry, she is about as deep as a flat-bottom boat in two inches of water. By the way, maybe Newt should have written in crayon he would not give amnesty to 11 million people- then she would understand?  She so desperately is being told to go after the front-runner, it is predictable and looks disingenuous. A pat on the head and hearty thank you; now go home.

Santorum – Go home Rick. Can I say it any clearer? He is the last guy at the party you just can’t get rid of. You know- the guy that can’t take a hint. If he said “city on a shining hill” one more time I was going to start chewing fluorescent light bulbs. A few good ideas, but the broken clock analogy applies here.

Huntsman – Huh? Who knew he was still in this? It’s like watching a guy who got his neighbors party invitation; embarrassing and uncomfortable. He still counts being in the Obama Administration as a positive. Clueless, capital “C”. Goodbye.

Cain – Cain hit the knowledge limit so many times I am surprised someone didn’t issue him a ticket. Herman’s a likable, genuine guy and obviously smart. You can tell he has a remarkable work ethic and is really working hard at this. For that reason alone, he will hang around for awhile. But being President is a whole different ball game beyond CEO. Once the clowns and jugglers are off the stage, I just don’t see Herman keeping up.

Perry – I keep getting that feeling akin to watching a young child playing sports for the first time. You want to cheer him on for doing well, but keep holding your breath he is going to take a fall. Here’s another analogy; Humpty Dumpty on the wall. I kept wanting to scream; “Don’t fall again Humpty darn -it, you egghead”. Perry did not hurt or help himself. It would be nice if he went for some more depth on answers. It almost seems like he runs out of useful things to say. And then repeats himself, sometimes with the same platitude for different subjects. Problem for Perry- he doesn’t sound like someone who can beat Obama and take him out to the woodshed. Also, what’s with the deer in the headlights look?

Romney – What’s with the bug eyed, indignant, breath blowing exasperation? Somebody call Milli Vanilli. They want their phony back. Romney didn’t hurt himself, but he sure didn’t show he deserves the front-runner poll rating. I kept looking for the Flipper the Dolphin guy in the audience. Guess the costumer was a hindrance with security? We can do better. Romney’s record hangs around his neck like gold chains on Run DMC. I kept wanting to yell- liar! But I am an emotional guy. Maybe he is right for the job?

Gingrich – The man is an encyclopedia. I can’t remember where I left my car keys. This guy remembers details of the Beef Wellington he ate at Le Cirque in 1980. Just picture Obama sans teleprompter and Gingrich recounting what is on page 927, second paragraph of the Obama-Care Bill. Admit it, you drool. Therein lays a great deal of Newt’s appeal to the electorate. Fannie-Freddie? Yeah, who was the biggest recipient of campaign contributions from them a few years ago? I can’t recall his whole name…maybe Barack-something-or-other?  Newt is going to take heat for his immigration comments. I happen to think he is correct, it is a complex problem with multiple stages. Plus, I believe he will secure the border. Finally. Other folks in the room thought his articulation was a little slippery-slope; a reward for successfully evading the law and sucking up taxpayer resources for 25 years.  Room for disagreement on that issue. Let’s get people back to work, spending under control and restore America’s exceptional place in the world.


Most importantly, let’s rid ourselves of Obama. From this group comes his replacement. There is not enough room on this server for me to articulate all the damage and negative impact he has had on our country. Dividing neighbor against neighbor. Calling success and achieving the American Dream a bad thing. Looking to drain more money from your household to fund his extra-constitutional misadventures. Spending our country to the edge of existence- all to reward his political cronies. WE can do much better than Mr. Obama. Much better.