They “Lead the Way”. Now YOU Can with Your Contribution

Let me start with the obvious. There are always a significant amount of good causes to which you can contribute your hard earned money. That is especially true when it comes to our military. If you haven’t contributed to groups such as Soldiers Angels or The Wounded Warrior Project I would ask you to put that on your “to-do” list.

But today I come to you with a small, yet relatively important appeal. I have noticed that  ArmyRanger.com is having a fundraiser. Their goal is about $4,200, which is a relatively small sum. Yet they are stuck at about the halfway point for several days now.  Your contribution will help keep their lights on and allow ARMYRANGER.com to continue functioning. Take a look around and see how they mentor, sponsor, provide important military news and advice to those who need it. Oh yeah, and there is a little Tom-Foolery in the forums. Anyway, just go to the donation box on the right side to contribute.

As conservatives we have raised thousands of dollars for other causes. I am certain we can make up this difference for a group that truly deserves our support.

If you don’t know who the Rangers are there is some good background here. But the short version is they have been in every major conflict and battle you can think of. First. Whether it was Bastogne, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq or Afghanistan they have always “Led the Way”.

Just one footnote; I am certain the Rangers won’t mind a note of thanks. But please read their FAQ’s and post an introduction if you want to register. C’mon it’s the military, there are always rules!