Our Country Weeps

One can never divine a man’s motives. Even if he reveals them unto you- are they reliable and truthful? That is a judgment call based on character. Taking this question further, if Jared Loughner was to reveal his motives- would you believe him? If your response is negative, then why would you believe the media or some internet denizen with political motive?  Furthermore, why would you lend credence to their supposition developed with an obvious pretext? Simply answer. You shouldn’t since good conclusions are the result of intellectual observations, cogitation and most importantly salient, discernible, provable facts.

Unsurprisingly, even today the media proceeds with their journalistic sine qua non of blaming those with whom they politically disagree; selectively choosing circumstances and promoting them to fit a predetermined case. Their useful idiots and political allies are less restrained- trying even harder to paint the “truth” through outright mendacity and promoting memes which are nothing but political propaganda. As of late, Congress has also been collaborating; generally demurring, snickering and pushing unpopular legislation. Like petulant children they complete this despicable, unholy liberal-evangelism alliance.

In its entirety, our situation creates a feeling of uncontrollable hopelessness and despondency. But as a response does one simply become apathetic and submit, or do you take a stand based on principal? Our history as a nation is the latter. We are not a nation of fools, malcontents and “classes”. We are a nation of one people united under a banner of freedom. A constitutional republic governed by laws and peaceful democratic process.  One that comes together in crisis to preserve the freedoms we all so dearly love and enshrine in our collective American heart. That is not a subject for debate or dissection; it is fact.

Those who disagree with political purity, who choose to create their own path based on sagacious decisions which are understood to be the peoples’ will are a rarity. They are a throwback to the salad days when one questioned and debated to ultimately represent their constituent’s desires. They do not demur to heavy handed political tactics which seek to gain unity at any cost. It is this latter goal, gaining adherence without dispute, whether propagated by the press, party or purists that is destructive. It extirpates, disenfranchises and creates severe discontent by its own undemocratic and oppressive nature.

These my friends are the conditions under which we have lived for the past several years. Governed by a party of malcontents whom, when holding all the levers of our Republic chose ideology at any cost over participative democratic process- we dissembled into historic levels of discontent. It is a precipice upon which we have arrived by their hands and actions- yet they don’t see it. Nor do they reconcile it. Even this latest tragedy has become a matter of political expediency, not, more correctly, an appeal for returning to principled unity. Our country weeps and begs for resolution.

Reasonable people disagree. Therefore as a measure of remedy we discuss, debate and negotiate to choose the democratic path upon which to proceed. We are not a nation of left, right or center. We are a singular nation of people united by constitution, common values, culture and a unique way of life that together is the called American way. It is about time we started acting like it.