Democrats to Women Voters: “Quick, Kill Your Fetuses, While You Still Can.”

With the voter tsunami in sight, Democrats are starting to prematurely flail and flop around like fish out of water. They squeal like the Robot from Lost in Space, loudly warning young Will Robinson the coming tidal wave is filled with racist, anti-democratic, tea-bagging crazies’ intent on stealing your “rights”.

In one positive sign, it appears Democrats are done making fallacious appeals to men. Apparently that demographic has ignored their dubious tocsin and are preparing to ride the crest of this massive swell. Instead Democrats are turning to supposedly frail, exploitable and inept women with their abashed, cowardly tales. Witness this strategy;

Still, Democratic campaigns are bombarding female voters with messages about social issues on the stump and in debates, television ads, targeted phone calls and direct mail. In California’s Senate race, Sen. Barbara Boxer says Republican Carly Fiorina’s opposition to abortion would turn women into criminals, a contention the Fiorina campaign calls “outlandish.” In Colorado, Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet accuses his GOP opponent, Ken Buck, of wanting to ban common forms of birth control. Mr. Buck says he has changed his position.

Will you run and panic? Are you really that gullible and prone to short-term memory loss? Will this tripe dissuade you from joining the ranks of those ready to ride the crest and move forward successfully with the tide? Certainly, it will not if you have been paying attention to how your family has suffered under the reign of Democrats. In reflection, isn’t this all ultimately a bit, well, insulting?

Since it is close to Halloween, let me list a few “scary” names. Carly Fiorina, Sharon Angle, Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell, Meg Whitman, Kristi Noem, Linda McMahon and Nikki Haley.  Oooh, very scary indeed. Frankly, I can think of very few things more frightening than articulate, smart and capable women, some of whom have run multi-million dollar companies. But for more horror, read the candidates’ positions on social issues which are clearly listed on their websites if you dare. But keep in mind what Mark Twain said “..that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.”

Retrospectively, I would ask; “where are all the women Democrats who have spent endless hours since 2007 protecting your rights and shrinking our dependence on government?” Ok, let’s rephrase the question. Name all Democrats, irrespective of gender, that have immersed themselves in women’s issues since 2007? Queue the Crickets. Oh and if you feel like me after that cogitation, go ahead and take a shower.