Will You Remember?

Will you remember how you feel today, 8 months from now? That seems to be a significant amount of time to test one’s memory or understand the perdurability of specific emotions. Certainly, an almost reflexive response is to say, yes, I will definitely recall how angry, sad, helpless or uneasy I feel- irrespective of the amount of time that passes. But, is that firmly based prognostication? Perhaps you are simply lost in the moment and unable to see the future? After all, much can happen in 8 months- let’s reflect;

Perspective is often fleeting and changeable. It is comparative to suffused Fall foliage crumbling into a desolate Winter and then returning as rejuvenated Spring blossoms. It can often emancipate the gamut of human emotions and obscure or supplant memories. Reflect on this- can you remember the rustic smells of Fall and appreciate their chroma as a multiplicity of Spring floral bouquets wafts on a warm zephyr and tingles your senses? It seems a distant memory- doesn’t it?

Some will pillage these human vulnerabilities as a despicable tactic to steal, obfuscate and distort your perspective. They will hide the obvious in plain sight and dismiss it as a meaningless mirage or distorted, overblown or parochial vista. They call, and will continue to call the illogical and destructive transformation “change” despite the overwhelming and obvious deformities. Will you believe it? Will you lose trust of your own senses, judgment, reason and intellectual observation in the face of contrary facts?  I certainly hope not and am reminded of Kipling;

Our Fathers in a wondrous age,

Ere yet the Earth was small,

Ensured to us a heritage,

And doubted not at all                  

That we, the children of their heart,

Which then did beat so high,

In later time should play like part

For our posterity