Obama Administration Provides Visas for Terrorism Suspects

The Obama Administrations efforts to dismantle our post 9-11 security measures continued today with the issuance of visas for two terrorism suspects. Hillary Clinton has allowed Tariq Ramadan and Adam Habib, previously suspected of having terrorist links, to enter the United States;

“Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has signed orders enabling the re-entry of professors Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University in England and Adam Habib of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa when they obtain required admittance documents, department spokesman Darby Holladay said.

Mrs. Clinton “has chosen to exercise her exemption authority for the benefit of Tariq Ramadan and Adam Habib,” Mr. Holladay said. “We’ll let that action speak for itself.”

Yes, we will. That Mrs. Clinton is directly involved in this move provides a special irony to those affected by 9-11. That is based largely on her husband’s various actions or lack of action which directly provided terrorist the ability to perpetrate those attacks.

This case has been the darling of ACLU and other left wing supporters of Mr. Obama for some time now. All along those groups and now the Obama Administration have chosen to ignore the more salient, factual information available, in particular as it relates to Tariq Ramadan. Here is just a small recitation;

“In an interview with French newsmagazine Le Point, Ramadan evoked what he called the ‘interventions of New York, Bali or Madrid.’ So, September 11 was not a terrorist attack, it was rather just an ‘intervention.’ Of course, nowhere in this interview did Ramadan condemn terrorism. (snip)

Ramadan’s links to terrorism are multiple: In 1995, in the midst of a series of terrorist attacks in Paris orchestrated by the GIA — the Algerian Islamist terrorist movement – Jean Louis Debre, French Interior Minister, forbade Ramadan entrance to France because of his links to the Algerian terrorist group.”

This was announced at the State Department daily briefing, which apparently the press and Mr. Crowley felt was funny;

“QUESTION: Okay, I misheard. The second one – Tariq Ramadan visa, he is allowed to apply for one now; is that so? Also Adam Habib? What’s the rationale and would he be granted a visa if he applied?

MR. CROWLEY: Well, the Secretary of State signed an exemption for Tariq Ramadan and Adam Habib. Her authority comes from Section 212(d)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. With those exemptions in place, the next time Professor Ramadan or Professor Habib applies for a visa, he will not be found inadmissible on the basis of the facts that led to denial when he last applied. Good guidance done by a good lawyer. <b>(Laughter.)</b>

Without going into very specifics on visa applications, I think the Secretary’s view is that these individuals who have applied for visas in the past – and they have been denied in the past – as we look at it, we do not think that either one of them represents a threat to the United States. And now, should they apply for a visa, they will still be subject to the other standards that apply to anyone who applies for a visa to come to the United States. But in the Secretary’s judgment, and consistent with President Obama’s outreach to the – to Muslims around the world, we want to encourage a global debate. We want to have the opportunity potentially to have Islamic scholars come to the United States and have dialogue with other faith communities and people here in our country.

QUESTION: Just because the – your wording was so precise there, I just want to make sure that – so you’re saying those two grounds for which they were denied no longer apply?

MR. CROWLEY: We – I mean, well – yes.”

Yes. We are laughing at the hilarity of it all.