First Crist, Next the Florida GOP

Update to an obvious question: Erick notes that he supports anyone “as long as the last name isn’t Greer.”

As Erick noted, rumors abound that Charlie Crist is dropping out of the US Senate race. Frankly, if you can’t win your home county, that is probably a good decision. Nonetheless, If eventually found to be true, this is good news not just for conservatives, but for Floridians. Mr. Crist’s record on fiscal matters is poor and his state has one of the largest budget deficits in the nation. He has supported a number of positions including Barack Obama’s “stimulus” which have worked against the interests of his constituents and obfuscated conservative principles he purports to support. In an attempt to win support and appeal to fiscal conservatives, Mr. Crist has recently engaged in politically motivated flailing such as restoring the “school sales tax holiday”, which he refused to support for the last two years.

But there is another tempest brewing in the Florida GOP. State party chairman Jim Greer, who was appointed by Charlie Crist, is retiring before being ousted by the party and a race for his seat has begun. Greer has been an embarrassment to the party for many reasons and his “retirement” is largely welcomed by conservative party members.

There are currently three candidates in the running to replace Greer; former Florida House Speaker Jim Thrasher, Sharon Day and Mark Cross. Who is Charlie Crist’s choice? House Speaker Jim Thrasher. Which leads to the following quote from Pasco GOP committee member Bill Bunting;

“If you look at the people supporting Thrasher, these are all the same people who supported Greer,” said Pasco GOP committee member Bill Bunting, who is supporting Republican National Committee member Sharon Day of Fort Lauderdale for chairwoman.

For months, the governor had urged Greer to stand firm as chairman, but legislative leaders helped persuade him to embrace Thrasher as a successor. It underscores how much the governor’s influence has ebbed in the party.”

Do Floridians and the party really want Charlie Crist’s hand-picked successor? Does the party want to continue supporting Charlie Crist’s policies through political proxies which have diluted basic Republican principles? Will the GOP lead be taken by a House Speaker who has helped produce a projected 2010 budget gap of $6.0 billion? Rhetorically, I would say the answer is no.

I don’t have a dog in this race, other than to say it is not Thrasher. Who do you endorse? Let the Florida GOP know.

Update on another obvious question; I called Marco Rubio’s office. They are not currently endorsing anyone and apparently don’t plan to.